A blue bar that separates the head section of the site from the body


Many applications for Dura-Bar end up having a hole machined through the center. Often this is one of the longer machining steps. To help speed up the machining process, Dura-Bar offers trepanned tubes from a variety of round bar stock sizes to meet a wide range of customer tubing applications.

The Dura-Bar trepanning process and modern equipment assures customers of the most precise and accurate trepanned products to meet exact specifications. All tubes are left with sufficient stock for clean-up in most applications.

Many trepanned sizes are available from stock, and additional sizes can be custom ordered.


Minimum Dimensions

Nominal O.D. Minimum Wall Thickness
0.000" - 3.000" 0.562"
3.001" - 6.000" 0.625"
6.001" - 12.000" 0.687"
12.001" - 16.000" 0.750"


Wall thickness minimums are based on actual O.D. and I.D. A customer requiring a 3.00" O.D. x 2.00" I.D. tube will receive a tube which is 3.110" O.D. x 1.750" I.D.

Example 3.000" as-cast x 2.000" I.D.
Actual 3.110" O.D. x 1.750" I.D.
Single wall thickness 1.360" / 2 = 0.680"

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