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Dura-Bar Metal Services inventory of bronze and Dura-Bar.

Continuous Cast
Dura-Bar® Iron &
Bronze Alloys.

Combining experienced people and proven processes with enhanced equipment, more robust inventories, and great customer support.

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All metals can be prepared to meet your needs for length, shape, and size.

About Us

We are the leading supplier of Dura-Bar ® continuous cast iron and a major distributor of bronze alloys. Our customers rely on us for high quality materials that help increase their profitability.

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Value Added Services

  • A saw cutting a metal bar at Dura-Bar Metal Services

    Metal Cutting

    Order the exact size, length and quantity of blanks required for your job, saving time and money.

  • Metal bars drilled by Dura-Bar Metal Services

    Drilling & Turning

    Material processed to meet your exact requirements.

  • Dura-Bar Metal Services milling a bar


    Receive pre-machined blanks and reduce your processing time to manufacture parts.

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What's New

  • Time Study: Dura-Bar vs Steel

    We recently ran a time study comparing the machinability of a manifold in Dura-Bar versus 1117 steel. The results of the study show a 33% reduction in cycle time by choosing Dura-Bar. To see the rest of the results follow the link below:

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  • New Stock Lists

    Dura-Bar Metal Services is pleased to provide new stock lists with up to date information on the Dura-Bar and Bronze we are able to supply to our customers. Below are the links to take you to the new stock lists.

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