A blue bar that separates the head section of the site from the body


Whether it is a single piece or production quantity, Dura-Bar Metal Services can provide you with material in the right size, at the right time. Our material goes straight from your receiving door to your machine tool, saving you time and money. 


  • Single Piece Cuts - Buy the length you need without the waste or extra shipping costs.
  • Eliminate Scrap & Save Space - No more safety stock, cutting scrap or drops to worry about.
  • High Volume - We can cut, stock and ship Dura-Bar and bronze based on your demand for parts.
  • Tight Tolerance Cuts - Our blanks are cut to your exact specification and tolerance to reduce machine stock and cycle time.
  • No Delays - We have materials up to 25" in diameter on-site and we can cut it for you.
  • Contract Cutting - Let us manage all of your material cutting needs. Eliminate the expense of saws and put your manpower to work where you need it most.

Call us today to discuss your application at 888-DURA-BAR (888.387.2227) or click to complete our quote form.