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Dura Bar Metal Services
Drilling value added processing services offered by Dura-Bar Metal Services #

Drilling and Turning

Dura-Bar Metal Services can quickly customize any of our alloys to meet your required specification. We have the capability to supply any size and any quantity. By having Dura-Bar Metal Services complete the first stage processing, you can remain focused on your core competencies and save time and money.


  • Trepanning and spade drilling of full bars or cut blanks increases throughput.
  • Starter holes and rough machining of large diameter parts reduces your cycle time.
  • For larger jobs, specially-sized tubes save machine time. Buy the exact size required for your job.
  • Pre-machined journals save time on roll and rotor applications.
  • Net shaped flange dimensions save time on bearing and bushing applications.
  • Net shaped parts by rough turning and boring means faster turn-around for your finished components.
  • Reduced part weight reduces shipping costs and provides easier handling for your employees.