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Dura-Bar Metal Services offers Dura-Bar Ni-Resist Iron, grade 201 Type 1. #

Ni-Resist Iron

Ni-Resist Iron has nickel and copper added to produce a matrix of austenite with alloy carbide. Dura-Bar Ni-Resist Iron provides excellent corrosion resistance making it ideal for use in marine applications and other harsh environments, the material exhibits corrosion resistant properties between cast iron and austenitic stainless steel.

Dura-Bar Metal Services offers Ni-Resist Iron in: 201, Type 1.

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Family Grade Description
Ni-Resist Iron 201 Type 1

(Conforms to ASTM A436, Type 1) Gray Iron Ni-Resist* viewhide

This grade has an austenitic matrix with about 10% alloy carbides. It is suitable for corrosive environments in sour well oils, salts, salt water acids and alkalies. It is relatively soft and chrome is added to improve wear resistance. It is available as a stock item in solid rounds form 1" to 6" diameters, and can be produced in other sizes and shapes as a custom run.

* Non-magnetic, good for corrosive environment.