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Dura-Bar Metal Services offers a wide range of bronze alloys. #


Dura-Bar Metal Services is a major bronze distributor, stocking many grades of alloys. Our services include on-site cutting, milling and turning. We pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill your order quickly and in the exact shape and size you require. In addition to traditional alloys, we can also supply virtually any grade or size of bronze.

Continuous Cast Bronze

Continuous Cast BronzeDura-Bar Metal Services offers a complete line of continuous cast bronze, from our standard stocked alloys (listed below) to virtually any special alloy, shape or size.

Standard stocked continuous cast alloys

C86300 - Manganese Bronze
C90300 - High Tin Bronze
C90700 - High Tin Bronze
C93200 - Bearing Bronze (SAE 660)
C95400 - Aluminum Bronze
C95500 - Nickel Aluminum Bronze
C95900 - Aluminum Bronze

Wrought Bronze

Wrought BronzeDura-Bar Metal Services provides quick turn-around on a number of wrought alloys, from our standard stocked material (listed below) to a number of special alloys, shapes or sizes.

Standard stocked wrought bronze alloys

C31400 - Leaded Commercial Bronze
C51000 - Phosphor Bronze
C54400 - Phosphor Bronze
C63000 - Nickel Aluminum Bronze

Centrifugal Cast Bronze

Centrifugal Cast Bronze Centrifugal cast material is produced by pouring molten bronze into a rotating or spinning die. Since the molten metal is forced by the centrifugal action of the rotating die, the metal is free of porosity, more dense and capable of carrying heavy loads with impacts. Please contact Dura-Bar Metal Services today if you are interested in a particular centrifugal alloy or click below to learn more.

Sintered / Powdered

Sintered/Powdered BronzeEspecially useful for bearings, sintered/powdered bronze is impregnated with hot oil making the part "self-lubricating" when in operation. When not in operation, the oil retreats back into the part for repetitive use. Please contact Dura-Bar Metal Services today if you are interested in a particular sintered/powdered alloy or click below to learn more.