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Dura Bar Metal Services
Dura-Bar Metal Services has three locations: Woodstock, IL, Salisbury, NC and York, PA. #


Dura-Bar Metal Services has grown to four locations, strategically located to supply the right material at the right time, saving our customers time and money.  We bring value to our customers with a combination of quality products, proven processes with enhanced equipment, ready-to-ship inventories and great customer support.  Sales representatives are available at each location. 

  • Woodstock, Illinois

    2195 W. Lake Shore Drive
    Woodstock, IL 60098
    Phone: 888-DURA-BAR
    Fax: 815-338-4608

  • Salisbury, North Carolina

    770 Cedar Springs Rd.
    Salisbury, NC 28147
    Phone: 888-DURA-BAR
    Fax: 704-637-9736

  • York, Pennsylvania

    90 Grumbacher Rd.
    York, PA 17406
    Phone: 888-DURA-BAR
    Fax: 815-338-4608

  •  Fort Worth, Texas

    2320 Pecan Court
    Fort Worth, TX 76117-5336
    Phone: 800-433-4007
    Fax: 817-289-5004