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Dura Bar Metal Services
Dura-Bar Metal Services offers several services to help you reduce material costs. #

Purchasing Cost Reduction

Finding the right material at the right price can be a difficult task, but we can make it easier. Dura-Bar Metal Services offers several services designed to help you manage and/or reduce the cost of material.


  • Contract Pricing - Lock in pricing for materials you buy regularly.
  • Stable Pricing - Dura-Bar's base cost is more stable than most steel products, allowing you to project costs more reliably.
  • Inventory - Our inventory becomes your inventory and we can process it over night so your possession costs are kept low.
  • First Stage Processing - We'll supply your parts to near-net shape so you can get them to market faster and at a lower cost.
  • Your Part Number - We'll use your part numbers in our systems so ordering, receiving, and payment is easier and less prone to errors.
  • Sourcing - Having a hard time locating a material? We'll use our resources to find it for you.
  • Drop Shipping - Eliminate the need for brokers. We'll drop ship materials directly to you.