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Dura Bar Metal Services
Dura-Bar Metal Services can help recommend materials to speed processing and lower your costs #

Processing Cost Reduction

As part of the global marketplace, we understand our Customers' cost pressures and the need to remain cost-competitive. Dura-Bar Metal Services is not only committed to providing the best products, but we also offer our processing expertise to help lower your total costs to manufacture components.

In most applications, processing costs are higher – sometimes much higher – than material costs. Any cost savings we can find in processing adds more to your bottom line.

We have the ability to provide:

  • Total Cost Analysis - We can study your application and production processes and offer suggestions to help lower costs.
  • Machining Hints - Check out our recommended machining starting points for many of your basic operations. Feel free to contact us with specific questions or problems.
  • Insert Recommendations - We have information about inserts designed specifically for Dura-Bar, and how they, along with Dura-Bar products, can reduce your cost of manufacturing.
  • Zero-Defect Guarantee - Material defects cost more than money. They create administrative hassles, downtime, and schedule interruptions. Dura-Bar Metal Services sells the only guaranteed product of its kind, Dura-Bar! It's backed by a pledge to offset your machining costs if a foundry defect does occur. Ask us about the details.