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Dura Bar Metal Services
Dura-Bar Metal Services can work with you to identify the right material and process to machine your part. #

Engineering Assistance

Our Dura-Bar products are backed by the experience and expertise of our sales staff and all of our mill production teams. Need help with a new process or application? Our R&D support and on-staff metallurgists can guide your project from conception to production.

Ask us to help with:

  • Machining Support - Tim Glocker is our Process Optimization Manager and is available to work with your manufacturing and engineering personnel (free of charge) to help reduce cycle times, increase productivity and lower the total cost of your parts. Tim brings 30+ years of experience machining iron, steel and aluminum and can help assist your team in making detailed recommendations to help you get the most out of Dura-Bar material.
  • Material Selection - Dura-Bar Metal Services can quickly identify your best alloy options and provide information on similar products to help in your selection of alloy.
  • Conversion Opportunities - We'll gladly review your current applications and investigate the cost savings potential of converting to Dura-Bar products.
  • Research and Development - On-site lab facilities and tight production controls mean we can find and test application-specific alloys that meet your cost, performance, and processing needs.