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We make it simple

Our goal is to make any new business relationship as simple as possible:

We give you our best price

  • Your costs are lowered
  • Your profit margins increase
  • You come back to us for more bronze material

You know your material costs, so why not see how our costs compare? Request a quote and compare our prices head to head with your current supplier.

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With Dura-Bar Metal Services

Lower Costs and Maximize Profits

  • High quality bronze alloys at an affordable price

Order Full Bars or Material Cut to Size

  • Order in standard lengths or cut to a specific dimension
  • We also do milling, drilling and turning

Rely on 3 Fully Stocked Locations

  • Get your order quickly from one of our 3 locations
  • Woodstock, IL; Salisbury, NC; and York, PA

Trust Our Experience with Bronze

  • We can help answer your tough questions and help you select the right material for the job