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Case Study: Value-Added in Action

The Challenge

A hydraulic manifold manufacturer contacted Dura-Bar Metal Services because they were unable to procure cold drawn 12L14 steel in the size that was required to manufacture a custom manifold for a major construction equipment OEM. The customer contacted Dura-Bar Metal Services because a line at the end user was about to be shut down if manifolds could not be produced and shipped as scheduled.

The Solution


Dura-Bar Metal Services had worked with the end user previously and qualified Dura-Bar grade 65-45-12 ductile iron for manifolds. To keep the end user's line from shutting down, we were able to saw cut 65-45-12 plate to the customer's specification and deliver the blanks for machining in three business days. 

Step two was to design a special size bar that would be cast, four-side milled and cut-to-length to provide the best size and cost option for the manifold manufacturer. Dura-Bar Metal Services was able to provide just in time delivery of cut-to-length slugs that shipped directly to the client's machining center.

The Results

Dura-Bar Metal Services was able to provide four-sided milled blanks to a +/-0.005" tolerance and was able to cut those blanks to a +/-0.005" tolerance as well. These value-added processes allowed the customer to use the saw cut faces, eliminating a machining operation and significantly reducing the machine cycle time for the manifold. This increased the number of manifolds produced per hour and the profitability for the client.

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