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Rectangle and Square Dura-Bar

Rectangle and Square Dura-Bar Offers Advantages

Dura-Bar rectangles and squares are well suited for applications in a large variety of industries. Some of the more common uses of Dura-Bar gray and ductile iron rectangles and squares are detailed below:

Industry Applications
Fluid Power
Manifolds, Valve Blocks/Bodies, End Caps
Machine Tool
Gear Boxes, Gear Racks, Rotary Tables, Side Frames, Sides & Ways
Foundry Mold Plates, Core Box Molds, Pattern Plates
Pump Pump Housings

Regardless of the application, Dura-Bar rectangles and squares offer metal component manufacturers a number of key advantages when converting from steel, iron castings, or aluminum.

Most of Dura-Bar's advantages stem from the continuous casting process used to produce it. Dura-Bar's tight process controls result in a defect-free product with superior machinability, wear resistance, and other properties.

For example, when compared to leaded steel, using Dura-Bar continuous cast iron reduces machining cycle time, improves throughput, and results in a lower cost per part. Dura-Bar is lead free so there is less cost for the disposal of chips and coolant. Another advantage for certain applications is that Dura-Bar can reduce or eliminate the need for deburring. Dura-Bar also stacks up well against iron castings since it is free of the defects commonly associated with traditional static cast methods – e.g., porosity, slag, hard spots, shrinkage, etc.

rectangle_squares_applicationsAdditionally, Dura-Bar's superior fatigue strength makes for a big advantage over aluminum -- an important advantage in hydraulic systems where high operating pressures are involved. Unlike aluminum, which often begins to fail at operating pressures of 3,000 psi, Dura-Bar can stand up to pressures beyond 6,000 psi.

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