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Dura-Bar Ideal for Oil & Gas Parts

Oil & Gas Industry Relies on Dura-Bar

oil_tool_partsDura-Bar continuous cast iron is an ideal material for many oil industry applications, including those used in drilling and fracking. For example, Dura-Bar G2 gray iron is used for bridge plug parts because it has the required strength to seal a well, but can be drilled out easily when the time comes.

If a NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) standard is required for a ductile iron part, Dura-Bar 65-45-12 fully annealed to 60-40-18 is compliant.

Most parts will be specified as ductile or gray iron already, often currently being made as castings. The following are some common categories and parts within them that are ideal for Dura-Bar material:

  • Bridge plug/cement retainers, including upper and lower slips that anchor the plug, a tapered plug mandrel, and a sealing element set in a casing.
  • Wickers (break apart) from 1018 (carburized and hardened) or gray iron.
  • Cones (drillable with a rock bit) from gray iron
  • Retainers: ball, key (upper and lower)
  • Slip rings (interpiston lock housing, as it compresses it ratchets) from 80-55-06 ductile or gray iron
  • Charge case perforating guns

Oil Pump & Compressor:
  • Actuators
  • Casing centralizers
  • Compressor sleeves
  • Gas line couplings
  • Heads
  • Manifolds
  • Pistons
  • Valve bodies
  • Valve seats, ball seats, spring seats (fit into the ID of a ball seat)

For more information on the performance and cost-saving advantages of using Dura-Bar in the Oil & Gas industry, please contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services Account Manager today (888-387-2227).