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Near-Net Bronze Shapes

Dura-Bar Metal Services Offers Near-Net Bronze Shapes

near-net-bronze-shapesIf you are producing high-volume bronze parts out of sand castings, solid bars or rectangles, you may benefit from a switch to near-net shaped material.

The bronze material is continuously cast within a .005" tolerance of your desired shape and exhibits the superior grain structure of continuous-cast bronze. Almost any extruded shape profile can be produced using continuous-cast technology in sizes ranging from ½" to 16", cut to custom lengths.

Near-net shapes reduce the weight of your bronze material, creating the potential for cost savings. However, the most significant cost savings comes from the reduction in machining and the scrap produced.

Experience the following with Near-Net Shapes:
  • Reduced Machining
  • Faster Throughput
  • Lower Tooling Costs
  • Increased Equipment Life Expectancy
  • Reduced Scrap

For more information on near-net bronze shapes from Dura-Bar Metal Services, please contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services Account Manager today (888-387-2227).