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Dura-Bar Metal Services Offers Machining Support

dura-bar-maching-supportWhether you have been machining Dura-Bar for weeks, months or years, a few tweaks may help you reduce cycle times, increase productivity and lower the total cost of your parts. To help you get the most out of your Dura-Bar material, Dura-Bar Metal Services is now offering free machining support.

Support is provided by Dura-Bar's Process Optimization Manager, Tim Heagney. Tim will work with your manufacturing and engineering personnel to clarify the important differences between machining Dura-Bar and other materials and make detailed recommendations regarding tooling selection, speed and feed rates, and the proper coolant to use.Tim will also be available to address any questions or concerns that might arise along the way.

A few issues Tim has addressed to date when working with customers include:

  • Slow Machining Speeds - Assuming that slower machining speeds would extend tool life, one manufacturer was using too slow of a spindle speed. By adjusting machining speed to a more appropriate level for Dura-Bar, Tim was able to reduce the customer's machining time per part by 60%, while still maintaining acceptable tool life.
  • Unfamiliarity with Continuous Cast Iron - A new Dura-Bar user needed help in making the transition from machining sand castings. By making adjustments to speeds, feeds and tooling grades, Tim was able to reduce the customer's machining cycle time per part by more than 50% with the added bonus of better surface finishes and longer tool life.
  • Conversions from Steel - Manufacturers are often unaware of the machinability advantages that Dura-Bar offers over steel. Those advantages are due primarily to Dura-Bar's exceptional material consistency and improved chip control.

Three recent stories involved Tim helping manufacturers switch from steel to Dura-Bar 65-45-12 ductile iron. These include:

  • A 46% reduction in cycle time for a roller manufacturer that switched to Dura-Bar from 1045 steel.
  • A 25-35% reduction in cycle time and 15% longer tool life for a manufacturer of gas and oil components that switched from 1045 steel.
  • A 35% overall reduction in machining cycle time for a hydraulic manifold manufacturer that converted to Dura-Bar from 1018 steel. In addition to the reduced cycle time, the manufacturer also experienced dramatic improvements in tool life (500 holes per sharpening with Dura-Bar vs. 300 with the 1018 steel).

Tim has extensive knowledge and more than 35 years of hands-on experience in iron, steel and aluminum, CNC machining, process engineering, and tooling and fixturing design. Please e-mail or contact us to learn more about machining support from Dura-Bar Metal Services.