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Machining Dura-Bar vs Steel

Time Study: Dura-Bar vs Steel Manifold Machining

millingWhen comparing steel to Dura-Bar, there are many potential cost saving benefits in choosing Dura-Bar. The benefits are based on your company's specific application and machining needs. Below we have evaluated several categories comparing the manufacturing of an 1117 steel manifold versus a 65-45-12 Dura-Bar manifold.

Time Estimates
On average, our customers have experienced a 25-45% reduction in cycle times when machining Dura-Bar versus steel. In a recent study we compared the machining of a multi-ported manifold with a precision valve bore that has undercuts and offset intersecting holes in steel and in Dura-Bar. The cycle time for the steel manifold was 38.41 minutes. In this scenario, the cycle time was reduced by 33% using Dura-Bar. This translates to a savings of 9.51 minutes per part. Below is a side by side comparison of the cycle time and parts per hour.

Dura-Bar Steel
  • 28.9 minute cycle time
  • 38.41 minute cycle time

Dura-Bar Steel
  • 2.08 parts per hour
  • 1.55 parts per hour

Cost Per Part
After finding the parts per hour and using a $60 shop rate, you are able to determine a machine cost per part. This is where the difference between Dura-Bar and steel is very apparent. On average, choosing Dura-Bar leads to a 20-30% reduction in machining costs. By machining this manifold in Dura-Bar, you would see a 34% reduction in overall machining cost.

Dura-Bar Steel
  • $28.85 per part
  • $38.71 per part

By subtracting the Dura-Bar cost from the Steel part you are able to see the savings per part which is $9.86. If you machined an annual quantity of 5,000 pieces, you would yield a total savings of $49,300 in machining costs per year and save 792.5 hours in machining time by choosing Dura-Bar.

Your Benefits for choosing Dura-Bar
On top of all the benefits above, by choosing Dura-Bar you can also:

  • Reduce Tooling Cost
  • Increase Capacity
  • Reduce Fallout in Coating
  • Reduce Lead-Times

For more information or to see how Dura-Bar could help you, please contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services Account Manager or call us at: 800.526.0548.