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Lead-Free Material

Dura-Bar Metal Services Offers Lead-Free Material

Whether you are looking for a lead-free alternative to 12L14 steel or C932 bronze, Dura-Bar Metal Services has the material for you.

Dura-Bar is Lead-Free

Lead-Free-Dura-BarProducers of 12L14 steel add lead to their product to improve machinability. While the addition of lead helps steel become more machinable, it can also result in higher costs for the disposal of chips and coolant. Lead-free Dura-Bar 65-45-12 offers better machinability -- and without the added environmental issues.

Rather than lead, Dura-Bar's machinability stems from the presence of graphite nodules within the material's matrix. The graphite enhances Dura-Bar's machinability by acting as a chip-breaker during machining. It also dissipates heat and reduces the frictional forces between the insert edge and the piece being worked.

Dura-Bar's graphite also permits it to be machined faster than most steels. In fact, Dura-Bar is capable of being rough machined above 1,100 surface feet per minute (SFM) and finished at speeds up to 2,200 SFM with normal carbide inserts and perhaps even faster with inserts specially designed for use with Dura-Bar.

Lead-Free Alternative to C932, C836 and C844


Dura-Bar Metal Services offers C89835 which complies with the 3874 Reduction in Lead Drinking Water Act (effective January 2014). The material has a maximum lead content of 0.05% and is a suitable replacement for C932, C836 and C844.

C89835 can be used to produce a number of parts for the plumbing industry, including: faucets, pump components and pipe fittings. It is available in tubes and solids from 1.0" to 4.0" OD.

For more information about lead free material from Dura-Bar Metal Services, please contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services Account Manager today (888-387-2227).