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Dura-Bar Machining Support

tim-glockerWe are pleased to announce the addition of Tim Glocker, Process Optimization Manager to the Dura-Bar Metal Services team! In Tim’s role he will be available to you (free of charge) to work with your manufacturing and engineering personnel to help reduce cycle times, increase productivity and lower the total cost of your parts.

More than 30 Years of Machining Experience
Tim brings 30+ years of experience machining iron, steel and aluminum and can help assist your team in making detailed recommendations regarding tooling selection, speed and feed rates, CNC programming and the proper coolant to use. Whether you have been machining Dura-Bar for weeks, months or years, a few tweaks to your process may help you realize significant savings.

Non-Intrusive Approach
Tim's goal is to help you machine Dura-Bar material more efficiently and not disrupt your operation during his visit. His approach is to observe your operation, review CNC programs and talk to key personnel on the floor to identify areas of opportunity. Oftentimes adjustments can be made during his visit and other times he may follow-up with you regarding a recommended change.

For more information regarding our machining support services or to schedule a visit with Tim, please call 888-387-2227 or contact us.