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Dura-Bar over Steel - Top 5 Advantages

Machining Dura-BarDura-Bar Metal Services has supplied Dura-Bar continuous cast iron to our customers for over 30 years. During that time, we've helped countless customers make the switch from carbon steel to Dura-Bar for a number of different reasons, here are the "top five":

1. Lower Machining Costs: The unique microstructure and consistent quality of Dura-Bar make it a material that can be machined up to three times faster than steel. With Dura-Bar, tooling lasts longer, and the need for deburring is minimized. So the more turning, milling, drilling, and/or tapping a part requires, the more you will save with Dura-Bar. In addition, machining Dura-Bar produces more consistent and manageable chips.

2. Improved Wear Resistance: The microstructure of Dura-Bar contains graphite which acts as a natural lubricant that reduces friction between moving parts.

3. Less Weight: By density, Dura-Bar weighs 8% less than steel. That reduces per-lb. material purchasing and shipping costs and can be an important consideration in mobile and other applications where less weight becomes an operating advantage.

4. Quieter Operation: Besides improving machinability, the graphite in Dura-Bar's microstructure acts to stem the vibrations that get transmitted through individual components during the operation of any machinery. This added vibration damping capability of Dura-Bar makes for quieter running gears and other moving parts.

5. No Lead: Unlike steel, which often has lead added to it to make it more machinable, Dura-Bar is lead free which eliminates the added environmental costs for disposing of chips and coolant associated with the machining of steel.

In a nutshell, using Dura-Bar often results in a better part at a lower cost. For a more comprehensive explanation of these advantages or to learn how Dura-Bar might benefit your operation, contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services account manager today.