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Dura-Bar New 6,500 psi Rating

Dura-Bar New 6,500 psi Pressure Rating Adds Opportunities

dura-bar-manifoldsDura-Bar is now pressure rated to 6,500 psi and conforms to NFPA standard T2.6.1 R2-2000.

Until recently, pressure ratings for hydraulic manifolds made from ductile iron were based on book values and conservative theoretical calculations which made design engineers reluctant to specify it in hydraulic systems involving more than 5,000 psi. Now, however, there is documented verification that Dura-Bar ductile iron is safe for operating pressures well beyond that mark.

A recent study by the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Fluid Power Institute examined different combinations of bore sizes and wall thicknesses in manifolds made from Dura-Bar. The results showed that three minimum combinations can be relied upon to perform at 6,500 psi without failure. Specifically, with a bore size of 0.5", the minimum wall thickness must be 0.05". For bore sizes of 1" and 2", the minimum wall thickness must be 0.1" and 0.15", respectively.


Several important conclusions can be drawn from the MSOE study:

  • Dura-Bar's verified ability to handle high operating pressures clearly demonstrates its value as an attractive alternative to steel for producing manifolds and other hydraulic components.
  • Smaller wall thicknesses required for ductile iron allows the placing of ports closer together, which means that manifolds can be made smaller - an important advantage in today's complex hydraulic systems.
  • Being able to substitute Dura-Bar for steel means hydraulic manufacturers can achieve considerable cost savings in producing manifolds. In fact, Dura-Bar users have reported saving up to 50% in manufacturing costs due to Dura-Bar's superior machinability as compared to steel. Dura-Bar also needs much less deburring and yields better surface finishes than steel.

The high-pressure ratings reported by MSOE are only applicable to Dura-Bar ductile iron, which was selected for testing due to the rigid quality standards that govern its production. If you have prospects who manufacture high-pressure hydraulic applications, download our Tech Brief .pdf and contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services Account Manager today.

Note: The study of Dura-Bar's suitability for high-pressure hydraulic applications is ongoing. Because no failures occurred in manifolds made from Dura-Bar when subjected to 6,500 psi of pressure, additional tests are planned to determine even higher levels of pressure at which Dura-Bar can be used.