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Dura-Bar Helps Reduce Noise

Dura-Bar Helps Manufacturers Reduce Noise

dura-bar-reduces-noiseVirtually every gear or other metal component in moving machinery makes some degree of noise. The noise stems from vibrations that get transmitted through parts during operation. As such, the vibration damping characteristics of Dura-Bar can be a real benefit in any application that involves moving parts.

A recent customer made the switch from steel to Dura-Bar to produce a balance shaft gear and achieved not only quieter operation, but also a lower cost to produce the gear. Other noisy equipment that could benefit from a switch to Dura-Bar include machine tools, printing presses and textile machinery.

Dura-Bar's enhanced vibration damping results from the graphite inherent in the material. Graphite flakes in gray iron and nodules in ductile iron cushion vibrations as they are transmitted through the part. Therefore, gears and other components made from Dura-Bar ductile iron will be quieter than those made from steel while maintaining required dimensional tolerances and surface finishes. Parts made from Dura-Bar gray iron will be even quieter, but are most suitable for low-stress applications.

For more information on the vibration damping advantages of Dura-Bar, please contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services Account Manager today.