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Dura-Bar for Frac Pump Plungers

Dura-Bar Offers Advantages Over Carbon Steel

dura-bar-frac-pump-plungerDura-Bar continuous cast iron is an ideal material for many oil industry applications, including those used in drilling and fracturing. For example, fracking pump plungers typically require a hard face alloy coating. Dura-Bar ductile iron is used for plungers due to its lower critical coating temperature and superior machinability over carbon steel.

How can Dura-Bar save you time and money?
Superior Machinability:
  • Fewer machining operations
  • Higher optimal speeds and feeds
Lower Critical Coating Temperature:
  • Creates less outgassing
  • Faster pre-heat time

For more information on the performance and cost-saving advantages of using Dura-Bar in the Oil & Gas industry, please contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services Account Manager today (888-387-2227).