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Cutting Services Save Time and Money

Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency

Cutting ServicesAs suppliers of Dura-Bar and bronze alloys, we continually ask ourselves how we can better serve our customers and we feel one of the best ways to do that is by understanding what happens with our product once it's in your hands. In the majority of cases, the first operation performed is a saw cut to a desired length. Which leaves us with the question, how much time and money can Dura-Bar Metal Services save you by delivering material cut to size?

Dura-Bar Metal Services has been cutting Dura-Bar continuous cast iron and bronze bar stock for more than 30 years. We are confident that we can deliver material to your door, cut to your specifications, to save you processing time and money. Areas where Dura-Bar Metal Services can reduce your costs are:

Reduce Inventory Costs: Bring in cut pieces on the day they are needed - reducing inventory costs

No Need for Capital Equipment: Eliminates the need to purchase and maintain saws

More Manpower: Eliminating cutting frees up employees for other critical jobs

Frees Critical Floor Space: Removing saws will create space for equipment that provides a higher return on investment

Eliminate Scrap: If a job requires 50 parts, then 50 slugs are ordered. Any mis-cut pieces and bar-ends are our responsibility

The same argument can certainly be made for any other value added services Dura-Bar Metal Services provides including: drilling, milling and grinding. For more information and a cost analysis of Dura-Bar Metal Services cutting service, please contact your account manager.