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Case Study: Castings vs Dura-Bar

The Challenge

A large U.S. OEM was using ductile iron castings to produce seals in their product. The OEM's Director of Purchasing had grown frustrated with their sand casting supplier due to unreliable availability and poor material quality. According to the Director of Purchasing, "In our industry things don't happen fast enough for our customers, they are always looking for quicker shipping times. As a result, we have big expectations for our vendors. We need quality materials quickly so we can continue to shorten our shipping times."

The organization did not want to move away from ductile iron because the lubricity of the material is ideal for their seals. They needed to find a new material that met their rigorous quality standards and a supplier they could count on for consistent on-time delivery.

The Solution

trepanned-dura-barDura-Bar Metal Services began providing 65-45-12 ductile iron tubes for the customer. The material is trepanned by Dura-Bar Metal Services, which eliminates a large amount of the machine time required to produce the final part and decreases tool wear. It was clear very early on to the CNC operators and to the Director of Purchasing that the decision to swtich from sand castings to continuous cast Dura-Bar was a good one.

"We were very pleased with the faster machining time. The Dura-Bar tubes are much closer to our finished size and make our final product come out much quicker. In addition to the machine time, the quality of the material is far superior to what the casting was."

The Results

The OEM made the switch to Dura-Bar two years ago and continues to purchase material from Dura-Bar Metal Services. They are looking at additional applications to switch from castings to Dura-Bar. "Dura-Bar Metal Services ranks very highly on our vendor list. When we need more quantity in a hurry our needs are always met."

"Using Dura-Bar is a major improvement over castings, the material is a lot more refined and solid. You don't have any of the pits or hard spots like we did with ductile iron castings."

For more information about Dura-Bar continuous cast iron, please contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services Account Manager today (888-387-2227).