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Cold-Finished Dura-Bar

Save Time and Money with Cold-Finished Dura-Bar

cold-finished-dura-barCold-finished Dura-Bar is produced via centerless grinding or turning, resulting in a bar with tighter tolerances than as-cast material.

The resulting material requires less machining and therefore less time and cost. Removing the as-cast surface results in less insert wear and longer tool life and is especially beneficial in applications where bar feeders are used to feed CNC machining centers.

Cold finished bars are available in a broad range of grades and sizes from 0.625" to 6.000" diameter and in 72" or 144" lengths. The tolerances vary a bit by the cold-finishing method and by the length of the bar, please see the chart below for more details:


For more information on cold-finished Dura-Bar, please contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services Account Manager today (888-387-2227).