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Dura-Bar vs Castings

Advantages of Dura-Bar vs Castings

Dura-Bar continuous cast iron is a high quality alternative to castings. With Dura-Bar there are no defects like those typically found in castings - e.g., porosity, slag, hard spots, shrinkage, etc.

dura-bar-versus-sand-castingAdvantages of Dura-Bar over Castings Include:
  • No sand; therefore no typical casting defects
  • Dense fine-grained microstructure
  • Superior surface finish
  • No pattern or tooling costs
  • Faster machining and reduced tooling wear
  • Over 500 sizes available from inventory
  • Minimal carbides
  • Zero-Defect Guarantee

For more information or to see if a switch to Dura-Bar is right for a specific application, please contact your Dura-Bar Metal Services Account Manager today (888-387-2227).