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Gray Iron Grades of Dura-Bar offered by Dura-Bar Metal Services #

Graphite Ductile Iron

Gray iron has a flake graphite structure making it a good alternative to traditional iron castings because of its high quality, consistent machinability and dense fine-grained microstructure. With Dura-Bar gray iron, there are no defects like those typically found in castings, such as porosity, slag, hard spots, shrinkage, etc. Dura-Bar gray iron can be used to produce parts more quickly, with less impact on tool life and with excellent surface finishes.

Dura-Bar Metal Services offers two grades of gray iron: G2 and G1A

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Family Grade Description
Gray Iron G2

Highly Pearlitic Gray Iron (Conforms to ASTM A48, Class 40) viewhide

This is the most common gray iron. It is well suited for applications requiring high resistance to wear and responds well to heat treatment. It comes in a large selection of tubes, solid rounds, rectangles and squares.


Ferritic Gray Iron viewhide

Originally developed for the glass mold industry, this grade has a fine grain structure and can be machined for a superior finish. Dimensional growth due to repeated heating and cooling cycles is minimal.