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Sintered and Powdered Bronze

Powdered bronze is poured into dies and subjected to 30 to 50 tons of pressure to form the shape and size of the desired part/material. Parts can be made to tight tolerances using dies in size sequence. The material is then heated (or sintered) in a furnace until the particles fuse - leaving the material with approximately 20 percent porosity. Hot oil is then forced into the interconnected voids.

At Dura-Bar Metal Services we offer SAE841 Sintered Bronze. It is one of the finest powder metal bearings on the market. By using a proprietary blending and sintering process this gives us a uniform grain structure and spheroidized porosity which results in superior strength, lower coefficient of friction and a uniform oil coating of the mating shaft. During operation, oil impregnated bronzes have a proven record of excellent wear resistance and long life where normal lubrication is difficult or impossible to provide.

If your application is best suited for a sintered/powdered bronze alloy, please request a quote or call us today at 888-DURA-BAR (888-387-2227).