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C86300 Manganese Bronze available from Dura-Bar Metal Services. #

Manganese Bronze C86300 (SAE 430B)

Tough and corrosion resistant, C86300 (SAE 430B) Manganese Bronze is ideal for high load, low speed applications that require a combination of outstanding wear characteristics and high bearing strength. Despite its strength characteristics, however, this manganese bronze alloy is not heat-treatable, needs reliable lubrication and should be used in conjunction with hardened shafts. The lead in the alloy's makeup improves machinability without materially affecting its mechanical properties.

Also known as: CDA 863, SAE 430-B, J461, J462, ASTM B-22 Alloy C86300, ASTM B-30 Alloy C86300, ASTM B-271 Alloy C86300, ASTM B-505 Alloy C86300, ASTM B-584 Alloy C86300, QQC-390 Alloy C7, QQC-390 Rev. A/B Alloy C86300, Mil C-15345 Alloy 6, Mil C-22229 Comp 8, Ingot 424, High Strength Yellow Brass.

Chemical Composition
Cu% Sn% Pb% Zn% Fe% Ni% Sb% P% S% AI% Mn% Si%
0.20 0.20 22.00-
*1.00 N/A N/A N/A 5.00-

*In determining copper minimum, copper may be calculated as copper plus nickel

Typical Uses

Builders Hardware
Switches, Electrical Components
Screw Down Nuts, Screw Down Nuts
Bushings, High Strength Machine Parts, Hooks, Frames, Struts, Gears, Bridge Pins, Propellers, Hydraulic Cylinder Parts, Large Valve Stems, Slow Speed, Heavy Load Bearings, Gib, Cams, Hydraulic Cylinder Parts, Forming Dies for Wood Pulp Industry, Wear Rings for Forming Dies for Wood Pulp Industry
Marine Hardware, Clamps, Covers for Marine Hardware, Boat Parts, Rudders

Maganese Bronze Properties

Mechanical - Manganese Bronze
Tensile Strength. min 110 ksi 758 MPa
Yield Strength @ .5% ext under load min 62 ksi 427 MPa
Elongation in 2 in. or 50 mm min, % 14
Brinell Hardness, min N/A
Machinability Rating 8%
Physical - Manganese Bronze
  US Customary Metric
Melting Point-Liquidus 1693 F 923 C
Melting Point-SOlidus 1625 F 885 C
Density 0.283 lb/in3
@ 68 F
7.83 gm/cm3
@ 20 C
Specific Gravity 7.830 7.83
Electrical Resistivity 130.80 ohms-cmil/ft
@ 68F
21.74 microhm-cm
@ 20C
Electrical Conductivity 80 %IACS @ 68F 0.046 MegaSiemens/
cm @ 20 C
Thermal Conductivity 20.50 Btu ft/
(hr ft2 oF) @ 68 F

35.5 W/m oK @ 20 C
Coefficient of
Thermal Expanision
120 10-6 per oF
(68-572 F)
21.6 10-6 per oC
(20-300 C)
Specific Heat Capacity 0.090 Btu/lb/oF
@ 68 F
377.1 J/kg oK
@ 293 K
Modulus of Elasticity
in Tension
14200 ksi 97900 MPa
Magnetic Permeability* 14200 ksi 97900 MPa
*Field Strength 16 kA/m
Fabrication - Manganese Bronze
Joining Technique Suitability
Soldering Poor
Brazing Poor
Oxyacetylene Welding Poor
Gas Shielded Arc Welding Poor
Coated Metal Arc Welding Good