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Manganese bronze alloys offered by Dura-Bar Metal Services including C86300 #

Manganese Bronze

Manganese bronzes are the strongest and one of the most wear resistant alloys with high tensile strength, high yield strength, hardness and ductility similar to steel. In addition to their excellent mechanical properties, manganese bronzes are also corrosion resistant.

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Family Alloy Description
Manganese Bronze C67300

C67300 Manganese Bronze viewhide

C67300 Silicon Maganese bronze typically has good bearing qualities. This makes it high impact resistant with excellent machinability.

C86300 Manganese Bronze (SAE 430B) viewhide

C86300 Manganese Bronze is a tough, corrosion resistant alloy with outstanding wear characteristics. Ideal for high load, low speed applications including gears, bushings, cams and hydraulic cylinder parts.

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