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Dura-Bar Metal Services offers a wide range of bronze alloys. #

Alloy Listing

Dura-Bar Metal Services offers a wide range of bronze alloys in multiple shapes and sizes. Use the chart below to view and compare the alloys we have to offer.

Please contact us if the alloy you are looking for is not listed below and one of our inside sales representatives will let you know ASAP whether or not we can get the alloy for you.

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Alloy Family Description
C31400 Leaded Bronze

C31400 Leaded Commercial Bronzeshow

C31400 Leaded Commercial Bronze is a free machining alloy with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Corrosion resistant. Typical applications include door knobs, electrical connectors, nuts, screws, pickling crates and fixtures.

C51000 Phosphor Bronze

C51000 Phosphor Bronze 5% Ashow

C51000 Phosphor Bronze, is the most widely used of the phosphor bronze alloys. C51000 offers high strength and ductility, superior fatigue and spring characteristics, excellent corrosion resistance, durability for severe service, good bearing qualities with low friction and higher wear resistance, superior forming and spinning, resistance to stress relaxation and good joining properties.

C54400 Phosphor Bronze

C54400 Phosphor Bronze B-2show

C54400 Phosphor Bronze is an excellent bearing alloy, and exhibits very good machinability due to its lead content. The alloy has excellent spring properties, and is used for electrical contacts, and can be work-hardened. When annealed, this metal can be bent, formed, blanked, and stamped.
C63000 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze

C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronzeshow

C63000 Aluminum Bronze is a high strength copper aluminum alloy, containing 81% copper, 10% aluminum, 5% nickel, 4% iron, and an excellent choice for applications involving heavy loads, abrasive wear resistant, friction, abrasive wear and corrosion. The addition of nickel increases the alloys strength without diminishing its excellent ductility, toughness and corrosion resistance.

C64200 Aluminum Bronze

C64200 Aluminum Bronzeshow

C64200 is an engineering alloy at least as resistant to corrosion as copper itself, but much stronger. It is considered to be of the best valve stem alloys.

C67300 Manganese Bronze

C67300 Manganese Bronzeshow

C67300 Silicon Maganese bronze typically has good bearing qualities. This makes it high impact resistant with excellent machinability.
C86300 Manganese Bronze

C86300 Manganese Bronze (SAE 430B)show

C86300 Manganese Bronze is a tough, corrosion resistant alloy with outstanding wear characteristics. Ideal for high load, low speed applications including gears, bushings, cams and hydraulic cylinder parts.

C87850 Eco Brass

C87850 Eco Brassshow

C87850 Eco Brass® is used to produce a wide variety of parts including faucets, valves, shafts, screws, and bearings. The alloy is available from Dura-Bar Metal Services in solids, tubes and rectangles.

C89835 Bismuth Tin Bronze

C89835 Bismuth Tin Bronzeshow

C89835 is a lead free replacement for C93200 material.

C90300 High Tin Bronze

C90300 Tin Bronze (SAE620)show

C90300 High Tin Bronze is a hard, strong alloy with good wear and corrosion resistance. Can be used for soldering and brazing. Typical applications include valves, gears, marine fittings, pump components, bearings and bushings.

C93200 Leaded Tin Bronze

C93200 Bearing Bronze (SAE 660)show

C93200 Bearing Bronze is considered the "standard" bearing material for light duty. The alloy offers a unique combination of easy machining with good strength, hardness and wear resistance. Typical applications include bearings, washers, bushings and automotive fittings.

C95400 Aluminum Bronze

C95400 Aluminum Bronze (9C)show

The most common cast aluminum bronze, C95400 is used in many heavy duty, high load and high wear applications. Good tensile strength, ductility, weldability and resistance to fatigue. Typical applications include worm gears, bushings, pump parts and bearings.

C95500 Nickel-Aluminum Bronze

C95500 Nickel Aluminum Bronzeshow

One of the toughest non-ferrous alloys known. Characterized as a high tensile, nickel bearing aluminum bronze, with exceptional yield, compressive strength, high hardness, and fairly high elongation. Exhibits good shock and high stress qualities. Excellent bearing material suitable for heavy duty, high shock, and high impact applications. Has good resistance to sea water corrosion, heat resistance, good machinability, and weldability. Can be heat treated.

C95900 Aluminum Bronze

C95900 Aluminum Bronzeshow

C95900 Aluminum Bronze has good strength and corrosion resistance. Typical uses include gears, worm drives, valve guides and seats.

SAE841 Sintered Bronze

Sintered Bronze SAE841show

SAE841 is a self-lubricating bearing product made by a powder metallurgy process, allowing close control on the manufacturing process. It contains large interconnected pores to channel lubricants to the areas between shaft and bearing.