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Advantages of using bronze from Dura-Bar Metal Services #

Production Advantages of Bronze

Material selection is always a trade-off of various factors including, mechanical properties, processing cost, material availability and physical properties. Selecting a bronze alloy for your application can provide many benefits including:

Bronze Advantages

  • Corrosion Resistance - By forming a protective surface film, most copper alloys resist many corrosive environments
  • Withstand High Temperatures - Several families of bronze alloys work well in elevated temperature environments
  • Friction and Wear - Copper alloys wear well against steel and are used in numerous bearing and gear components
  • Good Machinability - In general, copper alloys are easy to machine compared to steel
  • Weldability - Many grades can be welded
  • Brazing and Soldering - All grades of copper alloys can be brazed and soldered